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The Best Lover

This is Auntie Carol. Lady Lynda and I have been, and I blush to tell it, discussing who would be The Greatest Lover of All Time. For he who takes our virginal flowers is blessed indeed. One cannot be too over selective. We are sublime, and beyond reproach in our persons. Anyway, I chose Hemingway, for he wrote Old Man, and the Sea. Just think how it would be if he felt that way about a woman, and how he would ravage her with his brutal passion. I want to be persistantly courted, and I want to be overwhelmed, my senses flooded. Of course, there's the matter of the harpooning which I would never agree to, as you might realize. Lady Lynda, ever the wit, said I would do well to choose an actual man who was actually alive.
There is some merit in that argument. She chose that Dastardly Dervish, Seymour Toze. He is clearly an immoral louse and may even be a pervert for what does true love have to do with feet.
Lady Lynda and I had fisticuffs over this and then we made up and had High Tea with crumpets.


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