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A slap on the backside, a glass of eggnog, and a hurried couplimg of naked, cigarette smelling bodies in a cheap hotel room. The office party set to the metronome of twenty fevered minutes. How pathetic Ye mortals are, Pathetic and shallow. Eat grapes off a man’s stomach, bathe in Bombay Sapphire gin, and let him eat olives off your woman’s flower.
linger in a state of pleasure/agony, linger like a flame flickering in the darkness.

This particular communication is for the woman who would have two men at once and lacks the courage to ask. First invite the innocent, a virginal blond, young stud, then invite the dark and brooding man of the purple blood. Both at the same time to your door. Leave the door unlocked and a trail of red rose petals to your beautiful bathroom. Light eighteen white candles and place them all about scented with lilac or rose. Before they arrive draw a bubble bath with rose oil salts and leave one leg exposed to tantalize them. Paint your toenails licorice black and line your eyes with black kohl like a panther. Play Elizabeth Schwarzkoff’s DieKluge as you hear them arrive. Say nothing. Motion for them to come in, expose one pink nipple though the bubbles. Place the virgin in front of you, and the dark hearted man in the back. Tongue kiss the virgin and hold his pink jewel in your loving, pearlescent hands while the dark man takes you from behind with no gentleness or compromise. You shall have the best of Heaven and Hell, Ye Sly Mortal Bitch. CAROL ANN


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