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The Christmas Pixie

This be Wanda and it Christmas eve right befo' I goes over to see ol' Fat Harold fo' his party surprise,me. I gots to make some bucks but everbody wid' they famblies now. Lookit the snow fallin' like grains o' salt. It git' in my eyelashes and fall all cold and drippy behind my green scarf. I stick my tongue out to see if I can catch a flake on my tongue, and tomorrow mornin' I gon' break off one of them icicles from the roof and eat it. Lookin' so pretty wid the sun shinin' through it. Ima dress like one of Santa's elves,
striped red and white stockings, green leotard, fittin' like a second skin, and red thigh high kicky boots. I got candy canes and I gives them to all the johns, sayin"
"You lonely, baby. You gone have a Blue Christmas widout me". Like the Elvis song. Most of them just smiles and gives me a five or a ten. Then, Sammy, one of my johns, a Italian butcher wid' a big famlby invite me in the bar for a hot toddy. I knows the name of all his kids and seen their pictures. Befo' I goes back out he hand me a hunnert dollar bill, and say, "Merry Christmas, doll." And he laugh real big. I feel my heart melt like some damn caramel in the pot, and I kisses him on the cheek. People is mostly good, and Life be good.
REAL GOOD. And I goes into Macy's and buy Fat
Harold a hunnert dollar robe. Merry Fuckin' Christmas, Y'al. Carol Bond


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