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SUBTITLE” Lady Lynda Shtups to Conquer

Oh I am in tizzy exclaimed Auntie Carol. Our Lady Lynda slipped into sin with such immoral behavior. It is Winter now. Is this the Winter of Lady Lynda’s discontent? Heavens say it isn’t true. I know there’s sense of coldness toward her spouse. A sense of coldness. Take that, darlings any way you want. She’s committed adultery She is as they say, enjoying the company of that world class lothario, Nick Venire. A professional painter who specializes in sensual female nudes. He himself is sensual too with his six foot two sleek body,tousled golden curls threatening to obscure his lapis blue eyes. His skin looking as if tanned by the Naples Sun. Of course his name is Nicolas.
Lady Lynda explained she’d call him Nick since he came…to her in the nick of time. Besides it rhymed with Dick.” The woman despaired as she thought how Nick and Dick rhymed with prick . The last word sorely reminded her of Seymour. She know he was using her as his domestic trophy. He preyed on her sense of pride. Now that she underwent a complete doctor implemented makeover program. Yes her now svelt form would she believed would be perfect for a portrait sans clothes That is except for a strategically placed satin drape. Lady Lynda reminded herself she was invariably a lady. Even when she wanted to more than merely observe. She desired to get into the thick of things. Seymour’s spouse figured she’d claimed Nick and her were merely friends”

Toze’s mate sorely remembered how Auntie Carol remarked “but I can tell they’re cavorting and lasciviousness. One can use their imagination here on what they do in private. My presumption is she is ever so gentle as to not to strike , like most men, his fragile ego. Talk about, “The Fall of the House of User.”

I know she believes Seymour is only erotically interested in her glorious , wondrously high arched, fatally fantastic feet. A woman must be true to her man no matter how little of her he desires. (Ruth)Bible. Wedding and then marriage vows. No matter what!!! Even if Joaquin Phoenix came on me. I Auntie Carol would be faithful to my Herman Sherman/Emma Enigma. Of course, darlings, you know my mate is a hermaphrodite. Herman Emma requires special care since its a threesome with two people. He/she is the best of both the feminine and the masculine, the softness of the female and the manly of the male. ”

Lady Lynda grimaced as she recalled how she wore same darn panties one full week because they reminded her of Nick. The woman felt nasty thinking about it. There were tinges of guilt over throwing away her true love for a cheap fling. Even worst Nick lived in the mansion next to her and her man. It was oh so too risky. Seymour loved her with all his heart. If only he loved her with the rest of him. It would be dastardly if he discovered her little secret. That she discovered as man who wanted her for more than merely her ten pretties.

Yes the fact she, Lady Lynda, found a man who wanted all of her. And yes Nick did. She loved posing for him sans clothing. Of course a modest drape for just this side of decorum. You know even with L’affair , Lady Lynda mused, she must live up to her self imposed title. She was Lady Lynda because she was consistently a lady. On her now shapely body thanks to her primary improved weight loss and exercise program, was draped a modest drape. The woman reflected on the difference between naked and nude. Nudity was when you were comfortable totally exposing yourself and that she was. Nicolas talked of the famous nudes of the Italian Renaissance. One of his favorites was Giorgione’s “The Tempest” There is a woman who nonchalantly breastfeeds an infant while a noble looking young man looks on. In the background is a bridge and trees rustling in the wind. It was full of atmosphere and mystery. The muted colors made the paining even more atmospheric. Just like the mysterious Nicolas Venire. Italian for come. Her new man tells her he was eleven when he saw this painting in an artbook he found in his local library. It inspired him to become a professional painter. He told too his new paramour that when he was eleven he knew beds weren’t necessarily for sleeping. Lady Lynda understood perfectly his drift.

Nicolas Venire’s new model felt a glow within her as she posed seductively yet discreetly for her creative lover. As she stood there she wondered how creative he was in bed. She looked eagerly forward to him saying the word. She felt pleased yet still awkward. There were some pangs of guilt being that she cheated on Seymour. Conversely once again she reminded herself her reason for being where she was , was she wanted a man who wanted her entire body. Not only her toes. A man who didn’t insist she wear flimsy flip flops no matter what she thought of them.

There were times Nick’s woman was so jubilant she wished she could text her happiness to the world. That is except for her husband. There was a silver lining being married to a toe fetishist. She held Nick even more in esteem. Yes she did her own research in finding a new lover. She never dreamed he would be her neighbor. Well there’s no place like next door she bemused. The woman couldn’t imagine going back. No, not when she discovered pure happiness. On the other hand Lady Lynda, perhaps pure was a strange word to use since what she was doing was anything but pure. Yet when she was with Venire she completely forgot how she was a married woman cheating on her spouse. The only thing she knew at this moment was how much she was grateful, Nick Venuto showed up in her life.

Lady Lynda couldn’t remember when she experienced such a satisfying relationship. She readily confessed that the moment she noticed the moment she first encountered the artist, he treated her like the female she sorely forgot she was. Yet deep down inside, realized she was very much. If only her feet weren’t so sore from standing so long. It seemed like hours. Lady Lynda glanced at her watch. The reality was she was posing for only twenty minutes. Well at least it was worth it. Being Nicolas was a connissior of the human form, especially female. It was no surprise he’d appreciate her womanly form. It was delightful the woman thought, to pose for him.

“Do you mind if you dine with me at the Cafe d’oro d’arco? The cuisine was an esquisite mixture of Italian and Greek. You might say El Greco and Roman style. There’s a chanteuse there who I am rather fond of…her singing. She is so expressive. She gives each lyric of the song the deepest, truest meaning. I adore her rendition of that classic “I only have eyes for you.” Originally sung in the 30s musical “42nd Street. You know most middle aged people , you know fifty and older remember the Doowop group, The Flamingo’s version. Man their sound was as cool as a summer night with a soft refreshing breeze. By the way I finished my painting of you. Want to see it?”
Lady Lynda grimaced slightly when he mentioned fifty. How would he feel if he somehow discovered she was ten, perhaps fifteen years his senior? The woman tried to get that possibility out of her mind. Instead she walked over to her portrait. It was truly impressive. He painted her as she forgot she was. A woman who deserved to be loved for every single part of her.

“Come with me to the window. It’s such a beautiful dusk tonight. Its so clear and clouds are as fluffy as cotton candy. The stars’s sparkle’s so beautiful in contrast to the electric blue sky. The man sang in a romantic tenor. “Are the stars out tonight. I don’t know if its cloudy or bright. I only have eyes for you dearrrr. I don’t know if we are in a garden. Or on a crowded avenue. You are here. So am I. Maybe millions of people go by. But they all disappear from view…..For I only have eyes for you”

Yes it was true, Lady Lynda only had eyes for Nick Venuto She felt it deeply in her heart and in her gut that he felt the same way too. The grateful woman loved every single minute she was with him. Her thoughts turned to bliss as she cherished each moment they were united. They continued their tryst with the knowledge that they were feeling truly right for each other. He took her to plays, dance recitals and of course art gallery openings in Philadelphia, New York City and Washington D.C. Not only his but his artistic crony’s as well.

The couple dined at restaurants ranging from the finest cuisine at the elegant eating establishments to the casual and carefree. Where they could kick off their shoes and play footsies under the table. Lady Lynda cringed as her foot touched his. Nicolas’s paramour immediately thought of how she desired an affair because she wanted to get as far as possible from a man who only appreciated her feet and toes. Now here she was in the if not the exact same in an extremely similar situation. Well maybe Seymour wasn’t so bad. At least she knew he loved her. Nick might of come in the nick of time. But his debonair , sensual ways with her was only to mislead her. He too was a foot and toe fetishist. At least there’s was a stable relationship. She knew where she stood with him. With Nick it was fling , a romantic sensual one, but a fling non the less. With her mate it was the real thing. Maybe he’d go to a marriage counselor with her. So they both could be truly satisfied being husband wife.

A couple days later Lady Lynda happened to gaze out her and Seymour’s picture window. Lo and behold she immediately observed a male and female snow couple on the lawn of Nick Venire The man with a carrot strategically placed. It was not being used for his nose. The woman in a shapely hourglass form. Her snow hand was over her snow femininity. Nick Venuto’s house was painted with black polka dots on garish hot pink background. It was obvious Nick was seeking revenge. least Seymour had good taste.

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